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  1. Canned Mackerel

      Canned Mackerel is an excellent source of protein and healthy fats. It is often used to make fish cakes or patties. Also, it can be used to make a sandwich filling, much like tuna fish. Being a rich source of Omega-3 and-6 oils, vitamins A and D and some B vitamins, it is highly appreciated for its amazing flavor. It is an inexpensive and easy-to-prepare fish with mouthwatering taste. Available for in different packaging, it is quality checked by our deft team.
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    • Canned Sardine Fish

        Canned Sardine Fish is an awesome nutritional punch. Its single serving has great amount of protein and is enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, iron and potassium. Pleasure to eat, simple and easy to prepare, this variety of canned fish is downright delicious. Loaded with things that are good for health, like calcium, it is also one of the most sustainable fish around.
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      • Canned Tuna Fish Seafood

          Canned Tuna Fish Seafood is affordable meat fish for seafood lovers who are looking for reasonable health alternative. Rich in omega 3 and loads of nutrition facts, it can be used as mixed with sandwich fillings, salad leaves and dressings for a quick healthy meal. Tuna is gutted by hand and pre-cooked for 45 minutes to three hours. The fish are then cleaned and filleted, canned and sealed. Processed under hygienic environment, this canned seafood is a delicious indulgence.
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        • 155g Canned Mackerel

            The 155g Canned Mackerel are oily fish and a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. Mackerel is a delicious nutritious fish with intense creamy meat. It is processed, sealed in an airtight tin can, and subjected to heat. The high temperature prevents fish spoilage and lengthens shelf life. Canned mackerel contains protein and the antioxidant Coenzyme Q10. Also, these have several benefits to health. It supports the functions of organs and fortify the immune system that have been weakened by sickness.
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